Legal Startups

Practicing law but intrigued by tech startups? Have an online business idea but don’t know where to start? These panellists have answered yes to the above one time or another. If you have too, come join us for a dynamic and interactive discussion on how lawyers have taken the leap from law to tech entrepreneur. You might just be inspired to do the same!


  • Jeff Fung is founder of the legal, reverse auction website  He is also Director of Marketing and Awesomeness at Cognition LLP.  He practiced corporate insolvency law for 2 years at McMillan LLP and graduated from Queen’s Law in 2008.  He enjoys good food, yoga and a good tennis match.
  • Adam Epstien is the founder of HUDDLERS: a mobile sports scheduling application for recreational athletes, essentially the app helps you play sports with your friends.  It will be launching in mid-June in Canada, and early July worldwide. Adam articled at Torkin Manes LLP, primarily focusing on mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance, he gained exposure to tech throughout his work on IBM’s acquisition of Clarity Systems.  Adam earned his J.D. at Queen’s University Faculty of Law in 2010.  In December 2011, he won the Silver Medal for the Men’s Canadian Basketball Team at the Pan American Maccabi Games in Sao Paulo, Brasil.  He has played pickup basketball in fifteen different countries.
  • Mike Wagman is co-founder/CEO of social recommendations app MavenSay.  He graduated from the JD/MBA program at U of T in 2010.  He practiced corporate law for 1.5 years at Paul Weiss in New York City.  He participated in the Roadtrip Nation documentary series in 2006.  He’s a big fan of good music and good food.
  • Felix Tang  is an intellectual property strategist and entrepreneur with an extensive work and educational background in computer and electrical engineering. Recently, he was part of the Panda Robotics team that built a consumer focused 3D printer.

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