Email & Law: The good, bad and the ugly

Email & Law: The good, bad and the ugly

Electronic communication, it is obvious now, is here to stay. According to the survey we did, Email, as the most prevalent method of electronic communication, now accounts to more than 80% of all communication between legal professionals and their clients.

This tectonic shift happened in a very short time-frame. If you where to ask a lawyer in 1993 if they used email the answer was usually “I would, but, I do not know how to bill for it!?” While just two years later, in 1995 answer was more like “Of course I do, it’s the best thing that happened to our profession!”

Today, lawyers probably spend more time with e-mail than any other profession. One of the biggest reasons for this shift is that lawyers realized that email does not require any major change to the way they do their work. Workflows and metaphors from the “real world”, translated very well into the new, email enabled, work environment.

However lawyers failed to realize that similarities end there and that electronic communication is not as safe and secure as they thought.

In our session, we will try to answer why email is inherently insecure as a protocol and what can you do about it.

We will also share few cases that we came across while running our business.


Milan Vrekic is a perpetual student, entrepreneur and software engineer with extensive experience in design and implementation of secure information systems.

Together with Tony Abou-Assaleh, PhD, Milan Vrekic cofounded TitanFile Inc, secure document transfer and tracking company focusing on legal and financial sectors.

TitanFile and Milan Vrekic are recipients of US-Canada innovation partnership award, Cloudy Award in the category People’s Choice: Best cloud Newcomer and are finalists in the National Manning Innovation Award. TitanFile was also named one of the 25 up and coming ICT companies in Canada.

Milan’s interests are varied, and include medicine, privacy, business and art.

You can follow Milan on Twitter at @truejebus



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