Crowdfunded Litegation

Aaron Levenstadt has been involved in exploring alternative methods of financing legal actions.  He has been acting as the business strategy and legal advisor to Just Access — a startup that is exploring crowdfunding as a source of financing certain kinds of litigation.  On such a platform, a litigant (or potential litigant) would be able to launch a campaign to crowdfund for their legal action.  We have been examining such questions such as the best way to crowdfund for this purpose, the flow of funds from the crowd to counsel/litigant and different ways of ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.


Presenter: Aaron has experience in digital marketing, digital and corporate law and business strategy. After articling at Goodmans LLP, Aaron founded Digital Shift — a software development company and digital advisory.  Aaron focuses on assisting Digital Shift’s clients in maximizing their Internet assets by leveraging software solutions and deep web analytics. Digital Shift is currently acting as an advisor for a Toronto-based startup exploring crowd funding options around certain kinds of litigation. Previously, Aaron was as a founding member of a cross-functional Product-Business-Legal team at Google in Mountain View, CA.  Aaron also worked with the Google Ventures team – evaluating new product concepts from the business and legal perspectives.   Aaron has a law degree from the University of Toronto and a B.A. from Stanford University.


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