A New Approach to Case Knowledge Management

A New Approach to Case Knowledge Management

With the current emphasis on e-Discovery tools, attention has been diverted from the management of knowledge obtained from in-person interviews and the review of documentary information. Further, the growing emphasis on mediation and arbitration has created new pressures for the efficient management of case specific information.

Alan Frank has been exploring the adaptation of Knowledge Management (KM) techniques to less voluminous cases. Join this interactive presentation to understand how KM techniques can be used to organize diverse types of information; reduce the time required to discover relationships; and reduce the risks of confusion and omissions in the management of a large number of smaller cases within overloaded court systems.

In addition, Alan will present ideas and interview techniques that emphasize truth seeking and knowledge discovery over lie detection. Such a shift to planned investigation supports the efficient application of KM techniques to less voluminous cases.

Alan Frank, Ph.D. is founder of Structured Knowledge Inc., a newly established development, consulting, and training company focused on challenges within the legal community. Alan has designed and developed products and services for both public and private sector organizations for over 30 years. He is applying his knowledge of cognitive science, decision making, and information design to problems faced by legal professionals.


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