The Implications of Free Access to Law

The evolution from printed law that is digitized to the inevitable state where official publications of primary law are “born digital” carries implications for governments in how far they must go to make law known and accessible to people.  This goes beyond permitting “free access to law” and into the realm of positive obligation to help citizens overcome barriers  associated with poverty, disability and availability of basic internet access.  The presentation will touch on academic research, legal philosophy, CRTC  regulatory frameworks, government policy and the role of CanLII.  Active participant engagement will be strongly encouraged as, to paraphrase the opening lyrics of the Tragically Hip song “Bring it all back”, the answers are hiding in ivory (*towers*) that we must carve to see what form they take.

Presentation is in Prezi. Unfortunately, we can’t embed the presentation here, but please follow the link –


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